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My First Market

Often times in life, we have things that we say we want to do, but we don’t do them out of fear or obstacles. Markets was that for me. I’ve signed up for several, but something always came up that prevented me from going through with it. This past weekend, again something came up that gave me second thoughts, my helper would not be available. I’m thinking “OMG!! how will I do this alone? I’ve never done this before. It’s ok I can just pull out!” That’s the easy thing to do right? Well no, WRONG! This time was different. In my mind I said No- move forward- YOU GOT THIS! Stop allowing fear to take precedence in your life. And then, my teenage son stepped forward and said, “Mom, I got you!” Y’all that’s really how it happened. Like a scene out of a movie! 😆 My very own superhero! Thinking in my head, daaaaadaaaadaaadooommmm hero saves the day! Lol but really, back to all seriousness- this market was an ABSOLUTE success. I went forward despite fear, despite obstacles, and everything worked out. This may seem minor to you, but in life getting over the minor hills prepare you for the major mountains! Don’t allow discomfort and fear keep you from your blessing or purpose! Be sweet y’all!

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