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Custom Cakes


Ordering a Custom Cake

There are 3 basic elements that go into the pricing of a custom cake:


1.  How many people you need to feed (cake size).

2.  Whether you’d like a single tier cake or multi-tier cake.

3.  Decorations  (cut-out shapes, 3D designs, fondant, etc.)

TIPS: To deliver a cake that resembles as close as possible to what you want, we recommend sending a photo of the cake you’d like. Feel free to look on our Facebook and Instagram for inspiration cake designs. Pinterest and Google images are great resources as well! If you need help with this process, just reach out! Email us, call us, or use the live chat.

Common Tiered Cake Sizes and Prices

These are base cake prices, with standard frosting. Custom decorations are an additional charge.

3 Tier Cake

Two Layers

6", 8", 10" - $325+ 

2 Tier Cake

Two Layers

6", 8" - $190+

8", 10" - $250+ 

1Tier Cake

Two Layers

4" - $55 ( 4-5 Servings)

6" - $75 ( 8 - 10 Servings)

8" - $95 ( 15 - 20 Servings)

9" - $125 ( 25+ Servings)

10"  - $150 ( 40+ Servings)

Three Layers

4", 6" - Inquire

8", 9", 10" - Inquire


Basic: Vanilla, Chocolate, Butter, Wedding Cake*, Spice

Specialty: Fresh Strawberry*, Champagne, Banana Cream, Pineapple, Red Velvet*, Blueberry, Chocolate Mint, Italian Cream

*Customer Favorites

Specialty flavors have an additional cost.

Please Read: Cakes are priced upon servings, complexity of design, and flavor. Prices indicated are starting prices and can be changed without notice. A contract is required for all orders. A non refundable, non transferable 50% deposit is required to secure/book orders and the remaining balance is due 5 business days before the order is due to be completed. Larger events will require payment due in full earlier and will be detailed on invoice. 

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