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Journey to the Unknown

My husband purchased me this bike I had been begging for. Well, I wanted a bike like it, but not necessarily the one he purchased. It wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t the color I wanted. It had a little rust on it, the tires needed to be replaced and more. I thought to myself, “Whew this looks like a lot of work!” My husband reassured me that he would transform the bike into what I wanted it to be. I’m thinking this bike is black, I want turquoise sparkly paint. This bike is rusty- I want new. This bike is not what I want. Anyway, long story short my husband delivered. He transformed the bike into something better than even I envisioned. So now I have this bike. I get on and look in front of me and think about this journey ahead… a journey to the unknown. It reminds me a little like life. We hop on a path not certain where it will lead us to. Sometimes we get afraid and turn around, but then there are the times you feel adventurous and travel to the unknown. I say that to say… don’t miss out on great adventures and opportunities in life because you turned around because of the unknown. I’m currently on a path to the unknown, but my faith is so great that I know it will lead to blessings beyond my imagination. Make sure in life your faith is bigger than your fear- that way you continue down those paths that lead to greatness. Get on your bike and keep rolling!

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