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Hey y’all!

I am Mel, a simple, bubbly, lover of all things sweet and creative. I enjoy bringing people together through food and desserts. Believe it or not, I would say I am a better cook than baker... but for those who know me, they might say that is up for debate.

Sweets create memories! They create good times, laughter, and bellies full. It brings about yumms, oooos, ahhhs and belly rubs. Well…just the good stuff.

I enjoy creating custom cakes and treats that will fit any theme.  I also love to bake old-fashioned recipes - pound cakes, pies, cookies, cheesecakes, cobblers, and bread puddings! These are the sweets we sit around the dinner table and eat.


So, next time you are sitting around the table with your family, think about Southern Suga by Mel. Think about those good memories y’all are making and how much sweeter they would be with one of my desserts there.

Thank y’all for tuning in to get to know a little more about this creole bakin’ chic and her love for sweets!

Stay Sweet, Stay Southern and lots of Suga sent y’all way,


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