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Coffee Mugs & Cool Breezes

I absolutely adore fall y’all! It’s not quite fall yet though. Its that time right in between summer and fall that teases you with clear skies and cool breezes, then BAMMM💥 the heat hits you hotter than fresh chicken out of the fryer. Y’all know what I’m talking about! That chicken you think is cooled off when you pick it up and then you try to bite into it but it’s too hot 🥵 but it’s so good so you are….aaaahhh’in’ and just burning up! Maybe it’s just the Southern Girl in me and maybe that analogy isn’t the best… But y’all it’s true! I walk outside and it’s so beautiful and cool then the heat and humidity just boots that breeze to the side. You go inside- look out and the trees slightly swaying in the wind… yesss I can go back out it must be breezy- ohhhhh siked ya- it’s hotter than that chicken like I said! Goodness that’s how hot this Louisiana heat is! I’m ready for full blown fall- no more teasers! Anyway, one thing I realized while enjoying the nicer breezy part of the weather is my love for pretty coffee cups! I can appreciate a hot cup of coffee (Pumpkin Spice, Peppermint Mocha, or King Cake preferably) in a super cute, festive, or stylish, coffee cup. I love cups that have florals, anything sparkly and flashy, Baker themed, or fun quotes and sayings! It makes me happy. It brings joy to my soul!

Do y’all have any favorites when it comes to coffee flavors or mugs? What brings joy to your soul during this time of year?

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