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Super Sweet Treat giveaways for our local schools!

I am so grateful to be able to bless others. It was amazing stopping by the 3 schools to deliver goodies for their teachers and staff. The appreciation was over the top. And the connections made were even beyond cakes--- service to our communities, education, classroom interaction conversations, hometown hurricane relief, and more. Living in my purpose...cake and desserts is just the foundation that is opening doors to so much more. Thank you educators and support staff for all that you do for our children. Thank you for your service, dedication, sacrifice, love and understanding. From the principal to the teacher to the cafeteria staff to the custodial staff and everyone in between- thank you- you are so appreciated! Mel

Congratulations to the Staffs of JS CLark, Huntington High School, and 81st Street ECE for winning our BACK TO SCHOOL treat box giveaways for your school staff. We appreciate each of you!

Me and Mrs. Roberts, principal of JS CLark.

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